A Tourist’s Guide to Amazing Food in Sydney

A Tourist’s Guide to Amazing Food in Sydney

A Tourist’s Guide to Amazing Food in Sydney

All those travelling to Sydney for their vacations this year will have plenty of time to prepare themselves for it. They will find a lot of material to read up on about all the different sights and wonders in and around the Great Harbour City. We at Book A Limo understand the importance of preparing yourself for the experience of seeing this amazing city and absorbing all the wonderful sights and sounds of Sydney but there is one thing you should place a particular focus on.

It is something that can easily get overlooked because of the likes of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge but you need to understand that other than all the aesthetic beauty you can find in the landscape of Sydney, there is something else the city is exceptionally well known for. Here is a comprehensive guide to amazing food in Sydney for you to prepare your taste buds for the most tantalizing experience yet.

You see, the experience is not just about the taste of the food but the Aussie experience you can enjoy. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Dirty Dicks

We know, we know. The name does not exactly make it sound like a very good start to the list but bear with us. It will be worth your while. The first entry we have on the tourist’s guide to amazing food in Sydney is the Dirty Dicks. You will get to experience what it really means to have an Old English Feast from the Medieval era.

Dirty Dicks is not a restaurant in itself. Rather, it is Australia’s most popular theatre restaurant which travels throughout Australia to deliver one of the most entertaining interactive dining experiences. Everything with Dirty Dicks from the costumes to the food and even the music resonates with the English Banquets of the days yonder.

With all the theatrics, the taste buds are not left out of consideration. The long tables they serve on while entertaining you are filled with colourful fruits, the smoothest wine you can get your hands on and some of the most lovingly made food that you can find in Australia. You will not just leave thoroughly entertained but also with a full stomach and a happy heart. It is one of our favourites on the guide to amazing food in Sydney.

Via Napoli Pizzeria

Via Napoli Pizzeria

This entry on the guide to amazing food in Sydney is a testament to the multicultural palette this city has. This is the place where a pizza enthusiast’s dreams come true. After all, there are not a lot of places in the world that sell pizza’s which are 2 metres long.

The Via Napoli Pizzeria is the place where your hunger will go to die out of sheer pleasure from eating their humongous pizzas. There are five different pizzas that come on to the same pizza with their remarkable and previously unthought-of creation at the Via Napoli Pizzeria. With so much of a pizza to eat, getting to enjoy multiple flavours on the same pizza is a blessing which most of us have only dreamt of but if you are the kind of person who wants the whole two metres of the pizza to be just your favourite flavour, they will oblige.

Oh, and their entry on the guide to amazing food in Sydney is not just there for the pizza. There is a plethora of different Italian dishes on their menu for you to choose from. That will surely get your taste buds bursting in a swivel. You won’t just be going for seconds, you will go for thirds and fourths when you make your way to the Italian pizzeria.

As if the heat from all the ovens was not enough to warm the place up to make the most cosy restaurant imaginable, the hospitality of their staff and their high spirits surely do the job well. It is one of the greatest family friendly places to eat and enjoys its position high up on the guide to amazing food in Sydney for a number of reasons from their amazing food to their two metre pizza. There is no place that does a pizza better than Via Napoli Pizzeria.

The Australian Heritage Hotel

The Australian Heritage Hotel

While the entry before this does Italian style pizzas the best in Sydney with their excellent two metre pizzas, there is one place that really brings the Aussie Heritage into the pizza. The Australian Heritage Hotel makes a solid place for itself on the guide to amazing food in Sydney because of the fact that it brings you the taste of Australian meat in ways you could never have imagined before. We’re talking emu, croc, and kangaroo pizzas here.

This one is for those with a bit of a strong gut but if exotic meat pizzas are a thing with you, there is no place better than the Australian Heritage Hotel. They bring you the most traditional roots of the Australian heritage through their Australian meat pizzas. This also happens to be the only place in Sydney where you can get to eat a pizza with a kangaroo topping on it.

With the likes of the half emu and half pepper kangaroo pizza, the pepper kangaroo pizza and the saltwater pizza available on the menu, they make strong contenders on the guide to amazing food in Sydney. Other than the uniquely Australian options that the Australian Heritage Hotel offers on its menu, meat lovers in general can enjoy several different kinds of meat on their pizzas such as chicken, lamb, beef, pork and even sea food. Oh and if you’re thinking that this place is not for vegetarians, you would be so wrong. They cater to their vegetarian customers just as well as the carnivores. Every pizza lover comes out happy after a healthy helping of Australian style pizzas from the Australian Heritage Hotel. Another one of our favourites in the guide to amazing food in Sydney.

The Tea Parlour

The Tea Parlour

Another thematic experience which makes an entry on the guide to amazing food in Sydney is brought to you by The Tea Parlour.

If you are looking to delve into a unique experience of participating in a midnight tea party reminiscent of the Victorian era with a wholesome experience that includes everything right down to the costumes, The Tea Parlour is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

This is a tea parlour which is the perfect place for all the girlfriends that are looking for an alternative to the typical coffee shops, the bars and regular mall hangouts for their session of gossip. You will know no experience as good as this when it comes to the Victorian era as you will find yourself amidst antique treasures which look as though they have come straight out of the history books. You will feel like it is nothing short of a time machine which has taken you back to the early to mid 1800s.

With brands of tea ranging from the very best of the local to the international brands, there are few other places in the world that boast such a comprehensive menu of tea. A vital part of the guide to amazing food in Sydney, The Tea Parlour offers unlimited refills on your favourite tea at the parlour. While the food menu at The Tea Parlour may find itself to be limited the quality of the food at this place manages to hit the right spot every time. The reason for that is that the owner of the parlour actually makes all the food herself using the recipes passed down to her by her grandmother. A tea party experience rarely gets as good as this.

Lowenbrau Keller

Another case in point when you think about how multicultural the experience of Sydney is. The Lowenbrau Keller restaurant brings you the flavour of Germany without you having to make your way to the country itself. The Munich style Bavarian menu on offer at the Lowenbrau Keller is well known to cater to the taste buds of all those looking to celebrate any occasion from a birthday to the Oktoberfest. A commendable entry in the guide to amazing food in Sydney, the Lowenbrau Keller never fails to disappoint.

This place really gives you an authentic feel of the Bavarian food and culture with the beer having been imported especially from Germany. Oh and the pork knuckles you get at the Lowenbrau are exactly like the ones you can get in Bavaria itself.

Mate, if you want to join in on the fun with the beer drinking contests, you will be in for some tough competition here at the Lowenbrau Keller. The diners will of course have to be considerate of the fact that the drinking competition is actually going to be done with non-alcoholic beer. It is a family friendly place but one where you can really enjoy yourself. The winners of the beer drinking contests also get to walk away with special prizes courtesy of the Lowenbrau Keller. Multi-task as you feast and sing at this entry in the guide to amazing food in Sydney.

Ms. G’s

Chef Dan and Yu have really outdone themselves as they offer you a menu full of snappy flavours and aesthetics to go right along with it. The cocktail drinks which you can get at the place will be served to you in either a teapot or the bubble tea cups (whichever is your cup of tea, get it?). Making itself on the guide to amazing food in Sydney is Ms. G’s.

There is a bar upstairs which should actually be your first stop the moment you head into Ms. G’s. You will get specially packaged cocktails over at the bar at Ms. G’s which offer you so many drinks that are must try’s. The Ms. G’s Famous Yuzu Slushee will get your mind reeling with the delicate mixture of sochu, yuzu juice, lemon, Reagan’s orange bitters and Wyborowa vodka.

If Vodka is not your preferred poison and you want to go the Aussie way with the beer, Ms. G’s will oblige your wishes with the Miyozakura Panda Cup or the Akishika Bambi Cup. This will quench all the thirst you have for beer in neat, 180ml cups which are properly sealed and they are actually kind of cute if that is your thing. Even if it isn’t, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the drinks on offer. The bar is just one of the reasons why Ms. G’s makes it to the guide to amazing food in Sydney. The food here is amazing. We won’t be making any particular recommendations on the food you should have here because literally all of the dishes they have are must try’s. When you make your way to Ms. G’s, you should take all your friends along with you and each of you should order something different so that you can have a bit of everything.

360 Bar and Dining

360 Bar and Dining

By far one of the best experiences you can have of eating in Sydney while enjoying the most spectacular view is when you go to the 360 Bar and Dining.

Located right in the Centre Point tower in Sydney, the 360 Bar and Dining offers you the view of the whole city without even having you to get off from your seat. It is the only revolving restaurant in Sydney and it was a must to be placed in the guide to amazing food in Sydney. Tourists from all over the world, Aussies from different parts of the Land Down Under and even the local Sydney citizens come to 360 Bar and Dining to enjoy the breathtaking views which make you fall in love with Sydney every time you go there.

You get to enjoy some of the best drinks at the bar over there but the food really is to die for. The menu is full of modern Australian cuisine that has rarely anything parallel to it. If you want to get a full experience of what it is like in Sydney, the food, the drinks and the view at 360 Bar and Dining will give that to you. For providing you with literally the most moving experience you will have, 360 Bar and Dining is our favourite in this guide to amazing food in Sydney.

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Of course learning about all of these places must have really got your mind racing. You will want to visit all of these places when you land in Australia right from the airport and you know what? We’ve got you covered, mate. Travel to all of these places to get the best experience of eating in Sydney and more with Book A Limo. We’re the accredited chauffeur service that offer you luxury cars at some of the most reasonable prices in the city.

As a necessary part of your planning for the vacation to Sydney, do contact us for your travelling arrangements during your time here so that you can enjoy all the places from the tourist’s guide to amazing food in Sydney we’ve put together for you. We will show you Sydney like never before as you travel in style and comfort.

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